| Procreate demo

News / 08 September 2019

I still can't believe that I am here at LightBox Expo with all my friends and so many amazing artists from all around the world, it's such a blast!
Today I did a live demo at the ArtStation booth using my #ipadpro 11 and Procreate, it was fun and thank you to all the AS and Procreate teams for being so nice and helpful 🙏
I wanted to honor the https://www.vultureday.org/ with some of my favorite birds, the Bearded vultures (Gypaetus barbatus) and their handler; Mr. Crokmor, the mortician on Hellspit (personal I.P).
So proud of the whole team behind Expedition Art Inc. and everyone who support us, thank you! Merci beaucoup <3

California condor sketch...

Artstation live demo...

| ArtStation Magazine - Lightbox

News / 29 August 2019

I am really excited by the official release of ArtStation Learning and I have been quietly preparing some content for it! Lightbox Expo is coming real soon and who is going?

Also HERE is the annoucement of the AS demos during the convention, can not wait to see y'all!

| Lightbox Expo - ArtStation Demo

News / 09 August 2019

I will be doing a DEMO at the ArtStation booth on Saturday 7th around 2-3PM. Also Expedition Art will be at LightBox Expo, please come see us at our booth the world really needs more artivists!

demo hint: International Vulture Awareness Day

| Featured Pro Portfolio

News / 03 January 2019

Happy New Year everyone and 2019 is up to a good start, I have been featured in the AS magazine here > https://magazine.artstation.com/2019/01/barontieri/

Thanks a lot Sierra for giving me the opportunity to talk about Expedition Art and our projects. I am open to any questions or feedback regarding the interview, have fun and art more :)


| MIGS18 - ArtStation promo video

News / 15 November 2018

Thanks everyone who came by and shared their portfolios with us in the ArtStation booth at the Montreal Game Summit 2018. I wish y'all the best for your future endeavors, remember there is NO secret, it is all about passion and hard work!

> HERE is a nice edit by the AS team :)  


| MIGS18 - ArtStation portfolio review

News / 06 November 2018

For those in Montréal next week, I hope to see you at the MIGS18 where I'll be reviewing portfolios for ArtStation with a great line up of senior artists. Please come join us and share your artworks :)