Thierry doizon 4 barontieri propandvehicledesignusing3d coat

Comp version with some paintover detailing in Photoshop

Thierry doizon pavd fruitblaster wip01

Extrusion from a black & white silhouette to a fully rendered model, still learning but I like this workflow a lot. Simple, efficient yet powerful and fun!

Thierry doizon pavd fruitblaster wip02

Designing and defining the shapes is pretty smooth and intuitive with 3D coat.

Thierry doizon pavd fruitblaster wip03

Final version of the *FruitBlaster*, I need to work on the ammo now :)

Thierry doizon pavd fruitblaster wip04

It is not a Weapon, it shoots Life!... mock ad rendered in #Keyshot with the Toon shader, composited in Photoshop!

Prop design assignment made for a #3DCoat class at Syn Studio with Andre-Lang Huynh, I can not believe how much I learned during this session, the workflow is amazing and I really enjoy designing directly in 3D with it. I have created a lot of weapons in my career and I wanted to do something else for my personal projects, let's say a bit less focused around violence. Hence why I decided to design a cannon launcher to plant fruit trees instead, it is a DIY modified version of a Reacher Bleacher and it shoots biodegradable balls full of seeds and organic fertilizer. It is called the FruitBlaster... Peace!